Microsite Communities

Partner with Sleep Review to create editorial content on a consistent schedule—bylined by respected Sleep Review journalists and your own experts—via a dedicated webpage hosted on sleepreviewmag.com. A dedicated microsite community allows you to share your industry expertise as well as contains live links and ads to your own website to drive traffic.

What a community on our site accomplishes for you:

Content development – After a kickoff call to determine the scope of your dedicated community (for example, dental sleep medicine innovations, tips on traveling with CPAP, financial management and reimbursement, etc), Sleep Review facilitates the creation of the content. We use a combination of Sleep Review freelance writers, in-house staff, and industry experts (who you recommend) as authors.

We leverage all of our platforms to drive traffic and engagement – We share the dedicated community’s content via email, social media, and other marketing channels for you. You have more time to do the rest of your job!

Linking back to your site increases your audience and reach – By having hundreds of ways of linking back to your site, we create a constant funnel of traffic to your corporate site.

Analytics – We provide you with reports containing the community ranking with the other sections of the website and site traffic for the community specifically.

Focused effort – A dedicated community can take your banner campaigns across multiple sites and focus your efforts in one place, making a community an efficient choice for your content marketing needs.


$7,000 per month. 6 month minimum.
$5,000 set up fee