Content Hosting


Content marketing—sharing your brand’s knowledge via videos, white papers, articles, and other mediums—is an extremely effective advertising method because it educates and engages the audience. Content marketing can drive conversions, increase social follows, and improve brand awareness where traditional ad campaigns may falter. A good content marketing campaign resonates.

Sleep Review is a trusted partner to distribute your content to our audience of sleep medicine professionals. Our years of industry experience mean we understand the content that most influences them and what content they respond to the most—making us the perfect distribution partner for your message. The greatest content in the world is useless without the right audience. We have the audience you want to reach!

Hosting Campaigns

Start a hosting campaign with us today. Whether it’s a white paper, article, research report, or other material, we can help get your content in front of key professionals. With a content marketing campaign, we will host one piece of content on our website, giving it prime exposure to our digital audience. We will work together to build out a multi-tiered marketing ad campaign that we will manage. We will blend a mixed tactical approach and optimization to get you the best audience interactions.

The campaign run can be customized to fit your needs (3-month min. required)

Rates $1,250 per month

Additional Files

If you have a lot of relevant content to share, we can build multiple item campaigns. Like the single item campaign, we will host and distribute your content to the decision makers you are trying to reach. Add additional documents to the base campaign at any time. If you have a document that isn’t performing, send in replacement materials at your convenience or increase the number of files you would like posted.

Rates $500 – per additional file/month

Campaign Goals

Engagement vs Lead Generation

An Engagement focused campaign is the best way to reach the maximum amount of people with your content. We will take your content, host it on our various platform and will track all user engagement with the content.

A Lead focused campaign works towards getting new leads into the funnel for nurturing, marketing or sales prospecting. We will put a gate up before the content to gathering the registration information, then provide you with critical audience data for you to convert prospects into clients.


We will work with you to develop a dedicated marketing campaign to support the content. We have a variety of platforms to engage with the target audience via emails, expanded network ad placements or paid social media campaigns. Contact us today for options and pricing and we will figure out the right solution to help drive traffic to your campaign.

Content Development

Want to share your knowledge but need help with writing, editing, layout, or other aspects of development? We have the expertise to create documents from the ground up or to simply put the finishing touches on a draft that you have created, including for white papers and research reports.

Contact us today for more information.