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Ad Page TypeLive AreaTrimBleed
Spread15.5 x 10.2515.75 x 10.7516 x 11
Full Page7.375 x 10.257.875 x 10.758.125 x 11
1/2 Page (Hor)7 x 4.875
1/3 Page (Vert)2.375 x 10
1/4 Page (Vert)3.375 x 4.875

Keep live matter 1/4″ from trim on all sides.

Magazine Specifications

Sleep Review is saddle bound.
Trim size: 7.875″ x 10.75″ (all ad specifications are in inches)
File Formats: PDFX-1A
Resolution: 300 dpi (dots per inch)

Contact Info

Please contact our production department with any questions including material extension requests. Sleep Review’s production department can be reached at