Programmatic Advertising Campaigns


The web is a big place. It makes finding the right sites with the right audience to place your advertising a challenging task. What if you could target that specific audience on any site, anywhere, day or night? Our programmatic advertising packages give you that option.

Our online audience will continue to see your ad as they browse the entire web, keeping your message top of mind. We use a multi-tactic strategy that uses retargeting, advertiser specific keywords, and years of captured user data to place your ad to the right audience on any site they visit.

Campaigns start at 100,000 monthly impression minimum – 3-month min. buy

We offer:

  • Access to over 4.7 billion impressions daily
  • Available inventory on over 285,000 websites and mobile devices
  • Exclusive access to our qualified audience
  • Real-time bidding environment with multiple ad exchanges
  • Retargeting and conversion tracking capabilities
  • Built in multi-level fraud protection

$25 CPM  (cost per thousand)

Trade Show Geo Targeting

Our advanced targeting system can specifically place your ads onto the devices of show attendees, pinpointing down to the convention hall level. We can even do a follow-up campaign to attendees after the show is over. A programmatic trade show campaign is perfect for brand awareness, product launches, in-booth promotions, and post-show customer nurturing.

We have you covered from start to end of all major trade shows; contact us for pricing and more information.

$40 CPM  (cost per thousand)