Website Advertising (Banners)

Display banners should be integral parts of all online campaigns. Banners serve as great introductory pieces because good banner ads drive recall and lay the groundwork for future leads and conversions.

But banner ad campaigns are only effective when displayed to the right audience. So when you place a banner on our sites, Sleep Review places them accordingly. We want you to leverage our website to help meet your specific business goals!

We offer several placements and types, so you can pick the most effective way to get you message out.

Run of Site
A run of site (ROS) campaign is our most popular type of campaign. We will place your ads into available inventory spots across the site. We use Doubleclick for Publishers to control accurate delivery. We will allocate your digital spend to run at the pace you choose (it doesn’t matter to us if it’s 10 days or 10 months). At the end of each month, we will give you detailed metrics to show campaign performance.

$65 CPM (cost per thousand)

A roadblock campaign gives you full ad ownership of the website. We will place your advertising into all inventory for a 48-hour window. Roadblock campaigns are great for product launches, special events, and other high impact campaigns.

$1,725 per roadblock campaign

*A limited number of roadblocks are available